Art at Heart

As a part of our social responsibility we GoGorgeous Mobile Salon support Bahraini youth of all ages to have the freedom to participate, giving beginners chance to convert their talent to career.

Bahrain is the home of youth artists and now is the time for art-enthusiasts and budding artists alike to come out and expand their talents.

“ Art At Heart Gallery” creates an opportunity for the talented youth and young artists in Bahrain to come together in an open space without restrictions to promote their art and network with other fellow creative.

We want the Bahraini community to appreciate the artistic work and environment created by these talented individuals regardless of experience, age, and limiting criteria. Art is something that depicts one’s inner strength and reflects their personality; this open space will communicate that effectively.

I believe this event will be a step towards showing acceptance and emphasizing that The Kingdom of Bahrain paves the path for such initiatives in a generation where creativity and individuality will shape the future.

To participate in annual “art at heart gallery” event fill the form and send it to